Lived in Taipei, Taiwan for 19 years then moved to US since 2002. Picked up my first digital camera back then but not fall in love with it until 2012.

I found out that both of my grandfathers were into photography back in the days and so did my father. Maybe it would be the thing in my family line. I love to travel, and taking photos of people. To me, it is a recording of life, which the simply way to proof someone's existence. It would be nice to look back once a while through those photos after long travel on the path of life.

 From business prospective, I like to work around with my clients for wedding, events, family and portrait photo shoot. I want to understand what they want or what they need. Since photography is really a subjective art to me, I think between me and my clients, it is necessary to have enough understanding for both parties. I want to make sure the picture can bring your smile even after years!