We are Charles & Sabrina

We’re a husband and wife, photographer and photo retoucher/ graphic designer team based in Houston, Texas. We also travel to Austin, Dallas, and New York for different kinds of projects. 

We do help each other out when needed. Sometimes, we disagree with each other. It's okay, it’s not always easy, but as long as you work on things together as a team, that’s what gets you through the issue and grows like a couple.

I’ll admit, there is so much that one person could do, but there is much more if two people could work together. For an easy example, I would take portraits with proper background and nice lighting for a real estate agent, and Sabrina would finish a professional business card with an edited photo. Also, not only during a wedding, we could be 1st and 2nd shooter, but also camera and virtual tour, camera and baby attention attractor, raiser and front row, and photographer and designer after all.

Ever since we began working together for Linn Images, we have created more images that we’re proud of and that have driven our portfolio to the places we want to go, while serving our clients and their families with beautiful images. We want to be able to bring a smile to our clients’ faces every time they look back on their photos…even years after they were taken!

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